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  • لتحويل كتب الصفحتين الى PDF كتاب عادي Axpertsoft Booklet to Normal PDF 1.3.10

    السلام عليكم

    برنامج لتحويل كتب البوكليت او بالأصح الكتب ذات الصفحتين المتقابلتين الى كتاب عادي PDF بصفحات مفردة

    Axpertsoft Booklet to Normal PDF 1.3.10

    Included: Single User, Business, Site License

    Booklet to Normal PDF is a reverse tool of PDF Booklet Creator. It converts booklet pdf file back to normal pdf format having one page imposition per page. Pdf booklet contains two pages imposed over a single page to create a book by printing it on papers.

    Tool support de-compilation of booklet style, 2-UP style, Side by side duplicates style and 2x1/2N style of pages. Tool undoes the complete process of booklet creation and imposes one page per page format. Booklet to Normal PDF converter application is Windows compatible desktop utility, offers variety of features in a single tool. It is designed to easily accessible by novice user; no more technical skill is required to operate the program. Just import the booklet pdf file, it automatically select the output location as source location, choose pdf page style like booklet, 2-UP etc and finally click over the start button. Downloading and installation is quick and easy process, takes very few minutes only. Pdf file with last page as blank may need to delete last page. So here page deletion option is also provided with the tool.

    Key Features of AxpertSoft Booklet to Normal PDF Includes:

    AxpertSoft Booklet to Normal pdf tool is Windows compatible tool, support Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 operating systems.

    Tool is completely independent, does not require Adobe Acrobat tools to be installed to work.

    It process documents in quick and easy manner even if document contains thousands of pages.

    No need to choose output pdf file as program automatically fill the output directory path as source pdf path with file name.

    It has option to delete any page if it is blank. Define the page number and re-start the process.

    Tool imposes pages in sequential order using its own intelligence.

    Booklet Pdf to Normal PDF creator is affordable and cost effective utility, requires just few mouse clicks only.

    Supported by Windows:

    98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/Windows 8 of 32-bit & 64-bit.