Heidelberger Prinect Signa Station 2017 v17.0

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    Heidelberger Prinect Signa Station 2017 v17.0

    Heidelberger Prinect Signa Station 2017 version 17.0 | 968.0 mb

    Heidelberg has released Prinect Signa Station 2017 version 17.00, is one of the world's leading solutions for impositioning and assembling sheets. It offers highest flexibility as all kind of jobs – commercial jobs with various types of binding and folding schemes but also folding boxes and labels – can be worked on. Also specialties like automatic gang form calculation and versioning are possible.

    Good user interfaces, easily understandable tools, a lot of automatism as well as visual control of all work steps ensure the proper handling for both simple and complex jobs. The software excels with an extremely flexible sheet planning due to a conceptual separation of press sheets and folding sheets. Sheet layouts for different press formats and control elements and marks that automatically adapt to the according job accelerate the daily work.

    As a central component within the integrated Prinect workflow, Prinect Signa Station provides rule-based data import from Prinect Web-to-Print Manager and Prinect Business Manager. The optional Gang Assistant offers the reliable generation of gang jobs, including automatic layout generation, with optimum arrangement for positioning multiple product copies on the sheet for different formats and run lengths.

    Preposition data which contain exact information of the positioned marks and control elements are being delivered to presses and finishing and help here to reduce make ready and setup times.

    Comprehensive functions for imposition and sheet assembly

    Visual control of all work steps

    Automated positioning of intelligent marks and control elements

    Conceptual separation of press sheet and folding sheet

    Efficient versioning and gang form production

    Option Packaging Pro for the support of folding cartons

    Option Barcode Generator for convenient generation of bar codes in PDF documents

    More info: here

    Heidelberger Prinect Signa Station 2017 version 17.0

    About Heidelberger

    Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft (Heidelberg) has been a major provider and reliable partner to the global printing industry for many years. We offer our customers all the components tailored to their requirements for successful business operations; we are advancing the digitalization of the industry, providing integrated and reliable production processes, financially optimal investments and smooth access to all necessary materials.

    Product: Prinect Signa Station 2017

    Version: 17.00.6206.1

    Supported Architectures: x64

    Website Home Page : heidelberg.com

    Language: english, russian

    System Requirements: PC

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and above




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