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    برنامج مفيد لتدوين الملاحظات صوتيا وحفظ الملف الصوتي بصيغة wave ثم تحويل الملف الى نص مكتوب

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    Wave To Text v5.5


    Wave to Text is the perfect companion for professionals on the move. Record your notes, ideas, comments and memos anywhere via a portable recording device (like a simple voice recorder or your PDA). Then, once you are back in the office, use Wave to Text to convert your .wav files into clear, fluent text. This state-of-the-art helper is great even for home businesses and serious office use. Now you do not need to worry about being away from your desk when an important discussion is taking place or when you have your next Eureka! moment. Rely on Wave on Text to accurately convert all continuous speech into text ready for business use.

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