برنامج تسجيل الصوت من الكمبيوتر Absolute Sound Recorder 4.7.0

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    برنامج تسجيل الاصوات من الكمبيوتر

    Absolute Sound Recorder 4.7.0

    Absolute Sound Recorder is a recording software solution that can work with any source and save the content in multiple popular formats.Record from multiple sources and save results using a few extensions

    While the interface is pretty straightforward, Absolute Sound Recorder has an advanced pack of tools that lets you record the music you are listening to in Winamp or any other media player, record sound from microphone or any other audio device connected to the computer.

    The application can save the recordings in a WAV, MP3 or WMA format, with an excellent audio quality very close to the original.

    Tweak parameters during recordings and edit ID3 tags

    There are several tools at your disposal, including volume controllers and various settings to adjust sample and bitrate. Plus, visualization recording makes sure you are able to adjust the recording in real-time and correct potential problems without affecting the final audio file.

    The well-organized interface also boasts a so-called “File Information” tab that not only displays various details on the just-made recording, but it also plays the role of a built-in ID3 tag editor, with several fields to be filled in, such as title, artist, album, copyright, year, track and genre.