ACPA StreetPave 12 Version 1 Patch 8

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    ACPA StreetPave 12 Version 1 Patch 8

    American Concrete Pavement Association StreetPave 12 Version 1 Patch 8

    StreetPave 12 is the latest in jointed plain concrete pavement thickness design. Newly added with this version is jointed plain concrete overlay designs for all six types (bonded on ashpalt, unbonded on asphalt, bonded on concrete, unbonded on concrete, bonded on composite, unbonded on compsosite). This software utilizes new engineering analyses to produce optimized designs for city, municipal, county, and state roadways. For existing concrete pavements and overlays, StreetPave 12 may be used to estimate service life and/or failure criteria.

    StreetPave 12 also offers an asphalt cross-section design process (based on the Asphalt Institute method) to create an equivalent to asphalt design for the load carrying capacity requirement.

    A ”Life Cycle Cost Analysis” module allows you to perform a detailed cost/benefit analysis and make informed decisions on your pavement design project. With one pavement design tool, you can design equivalent concrete and asphalt sections and evaluate the best possible solution(s) for your pavement needs