اسطوانة تعليم صيانة البلاي ستيشن PlayStation 2

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    اسطوانة مهمة لصيانة البلاي ستيشن 2

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    معلومات عن الأسطوانة :
    This repair guide is the one for you no matter if your a professional or a inexperienced.

    This will show you how to :

    Replacement PS2 Parts
    Playstation 2 Maintenance (With VIDEO)
    Disassembling you're PS2 (With VIDEO)
    Laser Cleaning Procedures (With VIDEO)
    Adjusting the Laser Voltage (With VIDEO)
    Adjusting the Laser Height (With VIDEO)
    Replacing your PS2's Laser (With VIDEO)
    CD Tray Alignment (With VIDEO)
    Testing Fuses (With VIDEO)
    Desoldering & Soldering Fuses (With VIDEO)
    Common Playstation Problems and Fixes/FAQ
    Power Supply Troubleshooting and Diagram
    Precision Laser Adjusting with O'Scope
    Disk Read Error
    Find Your PS2 Version
    More on Disk Read Error
    Buying PS2's to Repair
    Replacement PS2 Parts
    This tutorial is very detailed and very easy to use for ANY one
    This is a stand alone application with vids.

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