LiraLand ESPRI 2014 R3

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    LiraLand ESPRI 2014 R3

    Esprit (Electronic Directory Engineer) contains a series of reference and calculation programs everyday use.

    LiraLand ESPRI 2014 R3

    ESPRIT includes programs that let you perform computer simulations rather broad class of special problems of design, engineering and research directions in construction. The speed and efficiency with Esprit, allows us to use it when you create the final design of the estimated model and the analysis of the results of its calculation, as in the expert evaluation of projects, and with the technical supervision of the construction of the building. Esprit is useful in a variety of situations requiring the analysis of real structures, both in their erection and in their reconstruction, both in their design, and in supervision of their operation. Esprit is the development of a series of programs that were part of "Scientific calculator" and "Application Packages" (PPP). Application of Esprit in the educational process contributes to more efficient assimilation of the students the lecture material at rates of resistance of materials, structural mechanics, theory of elasticity of steel, wood and concrete constructions, bases and foundations, as well as allowing future engineers to expand their horizons and gain an understanding of the practical problems of the circle that they will have to face in the future. Esprit helps the user in his daily work and gives him support in making the best informed decisions. Currently Esprit includes a series of notes and settlement programs. Part of the program is incorporated into sections by subject - mathematics, statics, reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, foundations, etc. The rest of the program are presented separately. The composition of Esprit includes sections - Mathematics for engineering, cross-sections, StaDiUs, Steel structures, reinforced concrete structures, stone and reinforced masonry construction, timber construction, Foundations, Loads and effects, Punching, prestressed and programs - Deflections, ellipsoid, tongue, diaphragm, Toaster, Primer

    ESPRI software package contains programs (modules) that enable you to carry out computer-aided analyses for a wide range of tasks in design, engineering and research fields of construction. Since all modules of the package are very user-friendly and calculation procedure requires minimum amount of time, ESPRI may be successfully applied for different purposes, such as: generating design model of the structure, evaluation of analysis results, expert appraisal of projects and technical supervision during erection of the structure. ESPRI may be essential in many situations that require evaluation of real structures behaviour during erection, reconstruction, design procedure and supervision for their maintenance


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