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    الكورس الاول

    Language: English | 25 March 2016 | 1.82 GB

    Video producers are adept at making all the visual aspects of their carefully shot projects look great. However, when it comes to the sound, many suffer unnecessarily. Audio for Video: Production and Post Sound Techniques is aimed at video professionals who are looking to manage their audio better—from start to finish. The course will take a three-point approach to.

    Capturing audio and following the proper workflow for optimum results
    Sound editing—improving and restoring audio in post-production
    Mixing and exporting audio or preparing it for handoff to a professional audio engineer

    The second and third steps feature Adobe Audition CC, a powerful audio post-production program with a host of tools to clean up, sculpt, and finesse your sound design. The seamless workflow to and from Adobe Premiere Pro makes it a powerful audio toolset. However, author Scott Hirsch's techniques work equally well in other video and sound editing applications. Watch this course to learn practical techniques for getting better sound in all your productions.



    الكورس الثاني

    Mixing a Short Film with Audition TUTORiAL screenshot
    English | Project Files Included: 1.2 GB |, sound effects, music, and other audio elements play a big part in creating a compelling narrative and theme for a video. In
    this course, author Scott Hirsch demonstrates to filmmakers and audio engineers how to import, edit, mix, and export all of the associated audio tracks for a short film and provide the best audio impact for the video's story. He shows how to edit dialogue, reduce noise, use special effects to add depth and drama, automate volume levels, enhance the mix with equalization (EQ), and marry the final mix back to the picture.

    This Adobe Audition course is an excellent companion to our video course Documentary Editing with Premiere Pro, which shows how to highlight a cause, express a point of view, and tell a story with Adobe Premiere Pro and some essential documentary editing techniques.

    Topics include:

    Setting up your Audition workspace and project
    Exporting audio and video from Premiere Pro
    Editing dialogue
    Reducing hum
    Using background ambience
    Automating plugins
    Printing the final stems

    Scott Hirsch


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