برنامج تضخيم الصوت DFX الجديد FxSound Enhancer Premium 13.028

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    FxSound Enhancer Premium 13.028

    يعمل مُحسِّن FxSound (مُحسِّن صوت DFX سابقًا) على تحسين جودة الصوت لمشغلات الوسائط المفضلة لديك بشكل كبير من خلال نظام الصوت المحيطي ثلاثي الأبعاد والإخلاص العالي والباص المزدهر والمزيد. يوفر جودة تشغيل استثنائية على جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك. يعمل FxSound Enhancer على تحسين موسيقاك في ثوانٍ. إنه يعمل ببساطة في الخلفية. ما عليك سوى تشغيل الموسيقى والاستمتاع بتجربة استماع محسّنة.

    FxSound Enhancer (formerly DFX Audio Enhancer) dramatically improves the sound quality of your favorite media players with 3D Surround, higher fidelity, booming bass and more. That provides exceptional playback quality on your PC. FxSound Enhancer optimizes your music in seconds. It simply runs in the background. Just turn on your music and enjoy an improved listening experience.

    FxSound Enhancer brings you booming bass, crystal clear audio and high fidelity by optimizing your music in real time. That means you get a studio quality listening experience without the need for overly expensive headphones or speakers.

    FxSound Enhancer optimizes 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound audio content and is carefully tuned to provide superior sound quality for each channel of all multi-channel Surround Sound formats. With FxSound Enhancer you can experience true theater sound quality.

    With FxSound Effects, you can adjust levels of 3D Surround sound to personalize your music listening experience. With 3D Surround processing the sounds will surround you, virtually putting you inside the music! 3D Surround enhances the sound played on conventional 2-speaker systems and makes even small PC speaker systems sound larger and richer. It is also fully compatible with Surround Sound playback systems.

    FxSound Enhancer automatically improves sound quality by restoring the frequencies that are lost through data compression. Music, however, is very subjective. That’s why you’ll get the tools to adjust FxSound Audio Effects to your personal tastes.

    There are five FxSound Effects settings. Fidelity, Ambience, 3D Surround Sound, Dynamic Boost and HyperBass. Each can be adjusted with a slider on a scale of 1-10.

    Streaming services like YouTube, Spotify and Pandora use low quality music, because it saves them money on bandwidth and data costs. With FxSound Enhancer you get a high definition listening experience no matter how bad the quality of a song was previously.

    FxSound Effects
    There are five FxSound Effects settings. Fidelity, Ambience, 3D Surround Sound, Dynamic Boost and HyperBass. Each can be adjusted with a slider on a scale of 1-10.

    FxSound Equalizer
    Multiband equalizers allow you to selectively boost or cut the audio energy present in multiple frequency ranges of your music and these frequency ranges are referred to as “bands”. Making adjustments to the sound energy in these bands compensates for imperfections in the frequency response of your playback system and environment.

    FxSound Enhancer is supplied with a broad set of easy to select processing presets that make it easy to find the settings which best match your audio system and listening tastes. You can also create and save own custom presets. FxSound Enhancer lets you import and export your personal presets for backup and restore purposes.

    FxSound Enhancer features:
    3D Surround Sound
    Advanced DSP Sound Quality Enhancement
    Explore Artist Videos, Bio, News, Lyrics, Similar Artists
    Speakers and Headphones Optimization
    Finely-tuned Music Presets
    Dynamic Sound Spectrum Analyzer
    Powerful Audio Processing Modes
    Compatible With Many Players and Media Formats
    Efficient Performance Using Minimal CPU
    Stylish, Shapely Skins
    Space Saving Mini-mode Interface
    Presets Backup and Restore
    Preset Song Associations
    5.1/7.1 Surround Sound Support
    64-Bit Windows Support

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