Imadio ShineOff Photoshop Plug-In 3.0.1

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    Imadio ShineOff Photoshop Plug-In 3.0.1

    ShineOff Plug-In - Automatically Removes Shine. Your Digital Powder Puff! ShineOff is an Adobe® Photoshop® compatible Plug-In filter that automatically removes the shine from skin. The cold white light of the camera flash creates an unnatural shininess on skin. ShineOff automatically transforms faces and skin areas to a soft and natural looking appearance. This patent pending technology does not remove luster from the lips nor the sparkle from the teeth or eyes.

    Using the Batch command (Photoshop)
    The Batch command lets you play an action on a folder of files and subfolders. Similar to the action you created, you will be saving the processed files to a new location; you should create a new folder for the processed files before starting the batch.Release Notes:

    - Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

    System Requirements:

    - Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and higher versions Photoshop Elements 2 and higher versions PaintShop Pro 7 and higher versions

    Operating Systems:
    - Windows 10, 8, 7 (64-bit)

    Image modes:
    - RGB, 8 bits and 16 bits

    Memory requirement:
    - Minimum recommended is: 1GB


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