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    برنامج صناعة الليبل والعناوين والباركود واى ملصقات اخرى

    Art Explosion Label Factory Deluxe

    Art Explosion Label Factory Deluxe

    Forget about the old-fashioned way of making labels. Art Explosion® Label Factory® Deluxe is far easier to use than other label making solutions. Why? Because Label Factory Deluxe uses wizards to assist you in making even the most complex labels in just minutes. Simply stated, Label Factory Deluxe is the fastest, easiest way to create professional-quality labels.

    But behind its simplicity lies a powerful application with the most sophisticated set of features available today in any label-making program. Features like more than 1,500 label formats and templates, 50,000+ spectacular clip art images, support for Avery® and bar code formats, an integrated database manager and address book, and much more. You can even import data from Outlook®, Excel® and Access®. The built-in address book lets you create personalized labels in minutes.

    3 Easy Steps
    Custom Labels in 3 Easy Steps!

    Complete Label-Making Solution
    The Most Complete Label Making Program Available.

    - More than 1,500 predefined label formats and templates
    - 600+ fonts perfect for labels
    - 50,000+ clip art images all inside the box
    - Sophisticated desktop publishing tools

    - Integrated database manager and address book
    - Easy-to-use mail merge
    - Support for 13 bar code formats for retail sales, inventory control, order entry and more
    - Serial numbers, date and time stamping

    - Intelligent wizards to guide you in creating labels
    - Print preview
    - Import existing address books made in other programs.
    - Import logos and graphics in a variety of formats.

    50,000+ Graphics All Inside the Box!
    We've included 50,000+ royalty-free Art Explosion® clip art images and 600+ fonts, all perfect for making your own label designs.

    Professional Images in Hundreds of Categories...
    Business • Education • Food & Drink • Health & Medical • Holidays & Occasions • Household Occupations • Religion • Seasons & Weather • Shapes & Symbols • Technology & Communication and much more.

    Create Your Own Bar Code Labels
    Now you can produce labels with 13 different bar code formats.




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