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    Cygorg3D MeshToCAD

    Cyborg3D MeshToCAD standalone product is the tool for you! It is aggresively priced compared to other industry solutions and captures very fine details on the scanned/sculpted mesh. The work flow is highly automated and high quality meshes can often be processed in a matter of a few minutes. Scanned meshes are notorious for being difficult to use, But Cyborg3D has a unique set of tools to allow you to quickly repair meshes and even fill in missing areas of the mesh. We believe you will find our workflow for problem meshes is extremely efficient compared to other industry solutions.

    Our tools allow precise control of accuracy and surface breakdown. The resulting NURBS based boundary representations are very high quality (G2 along the edges) and can be exported to the standard CAD file formats(STEP, IGES, and SAT). Our optimized lightweight representation facilitates the ability to import and process even large, very complex geometry with extremely fine levels of detail.

    Some of the key features of our Mesh To CAD product:
    - Import of STL (stereolithography) and Wavefront OBJ files
    - Tools to quickly orient, place and size the mesh
    - Tools to repair, modify and smooth the mesh
    - Tools manually retopologize produce a quad dominant Sub-D mesh
    - Automatic "Quad Wrap" to create a Sub-D which follows geometric curvature flow
    - "Shrink Wrap" tool to add fine detail to the Sub-D without adding polygons
    - Tools to facilitate identification of potential issues in the Sub-D mesh
    - Conversion of the Sub-D mesh to a Brep NURBS format
    - Export of the Brep NURBS to STEP, IGES or SAT file formats
    Cyborg3D MeshToCAD simplifies reverse engineer of free form organic shapes to produce NURBS surfaces in standard CAD formats. Existing products specialize in recreating precise prismatic parts from scanned meshes. However, dealing with organic / freeform shapes is extremely problematic...until now! Cyborg3D MeshToCAD opens the doors to greater creativity and design flexibility. Now you are no longer limited to conventional design shapes. Cyborg 3D MeshToCAD allows you to reverse engineer human forms, animal shapes, car bodies, and other freeform representations.
    Some of the industries that Mesh to CAD supports include:
    - Industrial Design
    - Ergonomics
    - Sporting goods & clothing
    - Toys
    - Character design
    - Analysis of organic parts
    - Dental
    - Re-purposing existing designs
    - Handheld devices
    - Power tools
    - Jewelry
    - Cutlery
    - Furniture
    - Automotive
    - Art
    - Clay model digitizing
    - Cosmetics

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