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    Point Blur v7.1.4 (Ad Free)

    Point Blur (Partial blur) DSLR

    4.3 | * | * | 270 Views

    This is best app for blur photos.
    This will blur some part of your photo image.
    Very simple and convenient photo editing.

    — Features —
    – This will get the background blur effect like professional photographer.
    – This will blur some part or all of your * image.
    – This will used to blur the unwanted part of your picture.
    – Very simple to use with friendly user interface.

    — How to use —
    – Load image from album or library.
    – Choose the photo effect you want to use blur, triangle or Pixelation(mosaic).
    – Use the blur image brush or photo effect brush to blur and add effect any part of the photo.
    – Change the size of the blur brush to fit your use.
    – Change the level of the effect you use.

    — Features,2 —
    – Shallow focus photo in the background of the image.
    – Blur the unwanted part of your picture.
    – Blur image background effect.
    – Use brush to blur where you want.
    – Share freely on social network.
    -Blur or pixelation ( All or part ).
    Have fun using Point Blur.

    — Safe social networking —
    It is also useful for example, when you want to up the photos to SNS.
    Face and car license plate, you can blur the name etc.
    Protect the privacy.

    It is very simple app.
    This app is all free.
    Welcome our friends.
    Thank you.

    Photo editor photo edit app.
    Blur and Pixelation and mosaic and naturally hide app( Whole and part )
    Save & Share on social network SNS.

    Watch traler on Youtube

    Bug fixes
    ↓↓↓ Download App ↓↓↓
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