SmartEdit Pro for Word 8.0

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    SmartEdit Pro for Word 8.0

    SmartEdit is a Microsoft Word Add-In for creative writers. It takes the heavy lifting out of the editing process, making your job easier and faster. If you're writing a novel or short story SmartEdit will help you polish that first draft in record time.

    SmartEdit Pro for Word 8.0

    Identify word and phrase over-use
    Do you begin your sentences with the same word or phrase? Are you using certain words too often? SmartEdit will spot these easily over-looked shortcomings so you can fix them.

    Monitor adverbs, crutch words & cliches
    Do you lean on certain words and phrases? Do you use a few too many adverbs? Are you overly fond of unusual dialogue tags? SmartEdit will spot these problems wherever they are in your novel and show them to you so you can fix them.

    Improve sentence structure & punctuation
    Too many long sentences? Fix that in minutes with SmartEdit. Do you have a misplaced love for the semi-colon? SmartEdit will show them all to you so you can decide if they belong.

    What does SmartEdit do?
    SmartEdit runs over 25 checks on your document and highlights potential problems, including:
    Repeated words and phrases
    Over-use of adverbs and cliches
    Misused words such as breathe instead of breath
    Long and winding sentences
    Use of crutch words
    Unusual dialogue tags that shouldn't be there
    Misnamed proper nouns that slipped past you
    Excessive use of semi-colons and exclamation marks

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