Guthrie CAD Viewer 2021 A.07

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    Guthrie CAD Viewer 2021 A.07

    CAD Viewer is an application developed for users who want to view CAD drawings without using complicated software, such as AutoCAD.

    Guthrie CAD Viewer 2021 A.07

    The interface looks familiar, so users shouldn't experience any navigation issues. Opening a drawing can be done using the file browser only, since the drag-and-drop feature is not supported.
    Standard tools include print, zoom, pan across drawing area, rotate, and select (predefined 3D view).
    As far as preferences are concerned, you can specify the initial viewing mode for DXF and DWG files (e.g. zoom drawing to fit, last saved) and raster (e.g. initial rotation for BMP and JPG).
    In addition, you can establish the printer initial page orientation, raster images in drawings options (e.g. ignore always), and Xrefs in drawings (e.g. browse if not found), as well as enable confirmation on quit and hide menus from the main application window.
    Administrators also have the possibility to manage user permissions when it comes to printing, saving and copying to the Clpboard, and markups (whether they can be embedded into DXF and DWG drawings or not).

    Other options of CAD Viewer focus on a search function, export to PDF format and email, drawing recovery for viewing, text touch-up options (e.g. edit, move, copy, delete), image mode (e.g. fast draw, smooth), layer manager, black and white filter, and more.

    CAD Viewer is very responsive to commands and runs on a pretty low amount of CPU and RAM, so it doesn't put a strain on overall performance or interfere with the runtime of other applications. We have not come across any issues in our tests, since the app did not hang or crash. In conclusion, CAD Viewer offers a simple alternative to viewing CAD files.

    Support for AutoCAD 2020

    (Intuitive User Interface
    View and print all AutoCAD DXF and DWG drawings up to
    View PDF drawings
    Save to PDF
    Browser style Forward/Back buttons allow multiple drawings to be loaded simultaneously
    Intuitive User Interface
    Inquire Coordinates
    Enquire on Attributes attached to entities, Xdata supported.
    Read BMP, CAL, GIF, GP4, JPEG, PNG, TIFF raster formats.
    View ESRI shapefiles
    Inquire on individual entities - export coordinates / vertices
    Thicken printed line widths
    High quality print output
    Print to Exact Scale
    Save to BMP, JPG, TIF, CAL, GIF, PNG, PDF
    Support all AutoCAD drawings up to AutoCAD 2018

    File size: 46.2 MB


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