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    WinTools Zip Express

    يسمح Zip Express بالبحث السهل عن الرموز البريدية للولايات المتحدة والمدن المرتبطة بها والولايات والمقاطعات ورموز المناطق والمناطق الزمنية والوقت الحالي. ابحث عن الوقت الحالي والمنطقة الزمنية للمدن حول العالم.

    Zip Express allows easy look up of U.S. Zip Codes and their associated cities, states, counties, area codes, time zones and current time. Find the current time and time zone for cities around the world.

    U.S. Information
    Contains all 42000+ U.S. ZIP Codes
    Search by Zip Code, City, State, County or Area Code
    Display current time for any location in the U.S. - Adjusts for Daylight Saving Time
    With the ZIP Code information displayed, press the Map button and, with an Internet connection, see a map of that location

    International Information
    Contains dialing and time zone information for more than 240 different countries
    Display the current time for many cities around the world
    Look up dialing codes to place phone calls to people in cities around the world

    Auto-paste data and commands directly into your applications via "hot keys"
    Over 80 assignable hot keys for auto-pasting
    Built in "Format Calculator" for designing pasting formats
    When creating formats to be pasted directly into programs, include common keystrokes such as the tab key or backtab key for navigating among fields.
    Send Data to Printer in any format
    Copy Data to Clipboard in any format
    And more!

    Selectable preferences of what data to display
    View large groups of ZIP Code and Area Code Data
    Watch data be narrowed down as you type
    Place in system tray or make it "always on top"
    ZIP code and area code data updated 4 times a year and is available free by download

    OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
    Language : English



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