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    BlackInk 2020.1 v0.423.3471

    في الوقت الذي تمنحك فيه حلول اللوحة الرقمية الرئيسية أدوات محددة مسبقًا للحصول على نتيجة المظهر الأكثر تقليدية ، يوفر Black Ink الحرية في إنشاء واستخدام فرش لن تشاهدها إلا على جهاز كمبيوتر. قرص ، والجمع ، وخلق أدوات جديدة واكتشاف قوة الفن التوليدي!

    At a time when main digital painting solutions give you predefined tools to obtain the most traditional looking result, Black Ink offers the freedom to create and use brushes that you will only see on a computer. Tweak, combine, create new tools and discover the power of generative art!

    With Black Ink anyone can create unique custom brushes. Just browse our forums to find and download new tools to add to your collection.

    You can easily tweak them yourself and if you’re feeling like an inventor, explore our unique controllers system, create your ultimate brush and share it!

    The controllers are a new tool never seen in 2D painting packages before. They open access to the behavior of every brush parameter and give full control to the user. Every parameter can act exactly as you want for an infinite number of combinations. Check the samples included in Black Ink to see how different the results can be, using only the power of the controllers.

    Every brush can be used with the other innovative functions of Black Ink like the gradients or the image-based color, for an infinity of different uses. All these combinations unveil the power of generative art, where your computer becomes a complete and unique creative tool and a new inspiration source.

    Controllers are a whole new way to customize your brushes. Assign pressure, speed, randomness in any parameter you want and make your brush act exactly as you like using a simple visual block-based system.

    Want a simple pressure sensitive opacity? A speed driven size? Creating your perfect brush is as simple as plugging a behavior block in the desired output.

    But controllers also are a powerful and limitless tool thanks to a collection of simple mathematical functions. Mix values, experiment with rotations, scales and gradients and you will discover countless unique effects! These infinite possibilities are what makes Black Ink’s generative art a unique creation experience.

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