AsuniCAD – VisualARQ 2 Win

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    Title: AsuniCAD – VisualARQ 2 Win

    Rhino plugin

    Freeform modeling : Freeform modelling Powered by Rhino – Convert any freeform geometry into an informed object with VisualARQ.
    Grasshopper integration : Define your workflow with the VisualARQ Grasshopper Components. Automate object and object style creation through visual programming.
    Flexible BIM features : Add BIM to Rhino. Object styles to control information and parameters, IFC for interoperability between teams and applications.
    Powerful Documentation : Dynamic and precise documentation always available from the VisualARQ 3d model
    Parametric architectural objects : Parametric architectural objects, Work with BIM objects such as walls, curtain walls, beams, columns, openings, stairs and other custom objects driven by parametric properties and styles.
    Management : Easy management and user interface – Organize your project by levels, sections, layers, sheets, templates, and more through user friendly dialogs.
    MediaTIC project modeled with VisualARQ : Architectural Visualization – Assign materials, activate sections and generate great architectural views of your project.
    Team collaboration : File format’s support, floating network licenses, external references and more….

    Unique features : Vector output, Rhino 5 & 6 ready, Custom parameters, Best IFC solution (for Rhino)


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