Axogon Mutator 2.0.5

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    Axogon Mutator 2.0.5

    Axogon Mutator is a looping texture generator program. It allows you to generate nice-looking moving texture backgrounds for your needs.

    Directional texture mutation
    On each mutation step you can choose the desired enhancement by selecting one of the 16 mutation variants.
    Looping textures
    All textures made by Mutator are looped in motion. This means that you can playback them infinitely without visible break before last and first frames.
    Formula editor
    You can edit the code of texture formulas to fine-tune generated textures or create brand new ones.
    Coloring control
    You can play with texture coloring. If you like how the texture looks and moves but you don't like its colors you can always swap i.e. Red and Blue components making the texture look differently.
    Texture collections
    Program allows you to collect the textures you like and store them in file for future use. Mutator's Collection Browser window shows current texture collection as list of icons. You can drag'n'drop them to/from workspace.
    Output resolutions from small to HD
    Mutator can export movies in wide range of resolutions: from small 128x96 for web to big HD 1920x1080 for profeccional HD video editing.
    Output to AVI or QuickTime®
    Mutator can export movies to Windows® AVI or Apple QuickTime® format.
    Unlimited export movie length
    The number of seconds for your texture movie length is limited by export file format and your computer resources only.
    Export with fields
    Optionally Mutator can export texture movies with fields for further usage in professional video editing.
    Textures uniqueness
    Every generated texture is random and unique.

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