Lingvanex Translator Pro 1.01.11 Multilingual

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    Lingvanex Translator Pro 1.01.11 Multilingual

    Lingvanex Translator for Windows. The perfect solution for quick translation at home and at work. Lingvanex Translator for Windows uses a neural machine translation – NMT. Instant translation from English into Spanish, Bengali, Hindi, Chinese, German and more than 100 languages is easy.

    Translation of large volume text documents
    - Translate documents of any types
    - Help to read websites and articles in a foreign language
    - Texts for translation can be pasted from the clipboard
    - AI processes the received text instantly and you immediately receive the translation
    - Received translation can be voiced

    Offline Translation Software
    - Use a translator regardless of your location
    - You need to download language packs to work offline
    - Translation between 112 languages without the Internet

    Lingvanex offline translation software for Windows quickly translates large documents, audio files, any web content, letters, messages in chats and emails.

    Get the translation of the text in the picture
    - Upload a picture or photo and get the translation on the fly
    - Automatic detection of the translation language
    - Translation is superimposed on the original text image

    Listen to voice translation
    - You can translate some types of audio files into any of 112 languages – songs, recording telephone conversations, voice recording, audio books, etc.
    - Translation of audio and voice messages into text
    - TTS function – voice acting text with or without translation

    An indispensable assistant in learning a foreign language
    - Try Lingvanex translator for Windows and you will feel the difference!
    - Our application helps to understand the meaning of translation, get an example of pronunciation of words and phrases, learn words.

    مترجم Lingvanex لنظام التشغيل ويندوز. الحل المثالي للترجمة السريعة في المنزل والعمل. يستخدم Lingvanex Translator for Windows الترجمة الآلية العصبية - NMT. الترجمة الفورية من الإنجليزية إلى الإسبانية والبنغالية والهندية والصينية والألمانية وأكثر من 100 لغة أمر سهل.

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            Unfortunately this is not a pro version.
            If one try's to open up a saved PDF or other format file, a popup massage states upgrade to pro. For a big file or otherwise it is best to try and convert on line.
            .Regarding language differences and downloads of such there is no problem. To open up a file is not possible.
            .God bless all and help us all survive the current curse from virus-19.