DNV GL Maros v9.03 + Taro v5.03

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    DNV GL Maros v9.03 + Taro v5.03

    Improve performance and reduce cost with Maros and Taro advanced tools for RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) studies.

    Maros is an advanced RAM analysis software tool specifically developed for analysing reliability, availability, maintainability for the upstream oil and gas industry. It includes extensive features for modelling flow networks, maintenance strategies, typical oil and gas upstream operations, transport logistics and storage tanks. Optimizing production and minimizing costs is a constant challenge. Key players in the oil and gas industry rely on Maros to make informed decisions about their assets. Our software development team has a history of over 30 years of working closely with super users. If you are facing a modelling challenge, most likely we have faced it and solved it.

    Maros now introduces the concept of Rate Operations – previously available in our refinery design tool Taro. This new feature allows users to control the rate of the different units/nodes in the network based in level of a storage tank. This feature ensures that the right operation of storage tanks is modelled, empowering users to replicate real-life scenarios of bottlenecks and managing the inventory.

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