Vladovsoft Fitorg 9.0.0 Multilingual

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    Vladovsoft Fitorg 9.0.0 Multilingual

    Vladovsoft Fitorg is an easy to use, affordable gym management software. It includes membership details, bookings, deliveries and sales, products, services, subscriptions, recipes, accounts, billing and member tracking. Ideal for fitness clubs, gyms, health clubs, recreation and fitness centers.

    Main features of the gym management software:
    work with many users with different rights
    work with services and subscriptions
    work with barcode scanners and barcode readers
    different pricing of the services according to the time of the day
    unlimited number of clients
    photo for each client of the gym / health club
    work with receipts and receipt books
    deliveries and sales
    relational databases
    read and write data in an Access database format
    sort the tables by columns
    import and export of different tables
    export of tables as interactive web pages
    reports and search capabilities
    report for the people currently in the club
    report for the birthdays of the clients in the next 2 days
    daily report of all sales (products, services and subscriptions) in the gym
    automatic filling of tables after each payment
    automatic calculations
    interactive charts with nice export capabilities
    track employees' working time
    data import and export in Access and Excel formats
    NEW export to PDF of all documents, tables and reports
    daily database backup
    network support
    nice user guide - opens after clicking the Help button from the main screen of Fitorg

    Main advantages of the club management software Vladovsoft Fitorg
    fast and stable - the software is optimized to work fast even on old computers and laptops
    award winning club management software
    very easy to use - no useless menus and buttons
    good looking user interface - animated buttons and menus
    multilingual interface - english, dutch, spanish, bulgarian
    export to Access, Excel, HTML and PDF - the publishing of your products and services has never been easier
    daily database backup to a location of your choice - do not fear of system failures

    Vladovsoft Fitorg هو برنامج إدارة صالة الألعاب الرياضية سهل الاستخدام وبأسعار معقولة. يتضمن تفاصيل العضوية والحجوزات والتسليم والمبيعات والمنتجات والخدمات والاشتراكات والوصفات والحسابات والفواتير وتتبع الأعضاء. مثالية لنوادي اللياقة البدنية وصالات الرياضة والنوادي الصحية ومراكز الترفيه واللياقة البدنية.


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