Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android 3.1.18 Multilingual

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    Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android 3.1.18 Multilingual

    يعتبر برنامج FoneLab Android Data Recovery افضل البرامج التى تساعدك على استعادة بيانات وملفات هاتفك التى تم حذفها
    توصيل هاتفك بالكومبيوتر عن طريق USB وفتح برنامج Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android تستطيع استخدام أداة استعادة الملفات لتحليل جميع بيانات هاتفك وعرض البيانات والملفات
    المحذوفة مع إمكانية استعادتها كاملة سواء كانت اسماء أو رسائل أو تطبيقات أو صور أو فيديوهات إلى غير ذلك من مختلف أنواع الملفات
    كذلك يتميز برنامج Aiseesoft FoneLab for Android بوجود أداة متخصصة من استعادة الملفات من الهواتف المكسورة والتى لا تستطيع فتحها حيث يعمل البرنامج على انقاذ ملفات الهاتف
    واستعادتها بشكل سليم كذلك أيضاً يوجد بالبرنامج اداة متخصصة لعمل نسخة إحتياطية من جميع ملفات وبيانات وتطبيقات هاتفك لإستعادتها فى أى وقت أو لنقلها لهاتفك الجديد

    FoneLab for Android is one of the best Android Data Recovery software. Android Data Recovery is great data recovery software for
    android users that helps you to recover deleted Text Messages, lost Messaging Attachments, lost Contacts, cleared Call History and
    Photos, Pictures, Videos, Music, Documents on your Android phone, tablet and SD card.

    No matter you lost your files due to wrong deletion, rooting, upgrading, memory card formatting, virus attacking, or because you
    crashed, smashed, broke or dropped your device into water, this Android recovery software can rescue the important data in your
    device. For existing messages, contacts, photos and other files, you can also use the Android Data Recovery to make backups.

    Main Features:
    - Recover deleted text messages, contacts, call history from Android phones/tablets and SD cards
    - (Recover deleted photos, videos, music and document files on Android phones/tablets and SD Cards (Pro version only
    - Rescue your Android data from wrong deletion, water damage, etc.
    - Support Samsung/LG/HTC/Sony/Huawei/ZTE phones/tablets
    - The simplest, fastest and safest Free Android data recovery software ever

    Recoverable Android Data Includes:
    - You can restore the name, job title, phone number and email of each contact on your Android device and save them in VCF/CSV/HTML
    formats to your computer.
    - With the android sms recovery function you can recover the detailed information of each deleted text messages, including the content,
    the sender and the sending date information.
    - Apart from recovering text messages itself, this app also helps you to find the lost messaging attachments in deleted messages,
    including images, videos, audio files, etc.
    - Get back your call history from Android phone easily including phone number, name, date, calling type and duration.
    - If you still wonder how to recover deleted photos from Android, FoneLab for Android is your best choice. This photo recovery can
    (handle all the things to retrieve deleted pictures from Android. (Coming soon
    - (It supports recovering the voice memos and music on your Android phones/tablets. (Coming soon
    - No matter the video is downloaded, recorded or got elsewhere, its video recovery function is able to help you find the videos back on
    (your android devices. (Coming soon)
    - Notes app on Android enables users to write down everything anywhere and anytime, this recovery software can recover deleted or
    (lost notes on Android easily. (Coming soon
    - If you lost important files that saved in your Android, don't worry. This Android File Recovery can help you recover the lost documents
    in Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, HTML, Zip, RAR or other formats.

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