Autodesk Revit 2021 Win x64

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    Autodesk Revit 2021 Win x64

    Top new features added since 2016 include:
    Drawing history: See changes made to your drawing over time.
    Xref compare: Compare two versions of an external Xref and implement changes without leaving your current drawing.

    Blocks palette: Insert blocks efficiently from the Libraries tab on desktop or in the AutoCAD web app.
    Quick measure: Quickly display all nearby measurements including areas and perimeters in a drawing by hovering your mouse.

    Trim and extend (enhanced): The default Quick mode now automatically selects all potential boundaries.
    Purge (redesigned): Remove multiple unneeded objects with easy selection and object preview.
    DWG™ compare: Compare two versions of a drawing or Xref without leaving your current window.
    PDF import: Import geometry (SHX font files, fills, raster images, and TrueType text) into a drawing from a PDF.

    AutoCAD anytime, anywhere: Access AutoCAD from your desktop, web, and mobile devices.*
    Shared views: Publish design views of your drawing in a web browser for viewing and commenting.*

    Autodesk Revit 2021 Win x64

    Autodesk Revit 2021 Win x64 + LT

    Size: 17.44 GB
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