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    axesPDF QuickFix is your time-saving tool to check and remediate PDF documents during the process of making them fully accessible and compliant with PDF/UA, WCAG 2 and Section 508. Accessibility issues are easily found and most of them are fixed instantly with a single click.

    See problems immediately
    Reported issues in the "Checker" lead you directly to the related location in the document and the logical structure view.

    Fix with one click
    Fix an issue for the whole document by clicking one button – for example "Add Note IDs" or "Artifact non-tagged Content".

    Edit all in one view
    Context sensitive editing of properties and attributes of multiple tags at once – for example adding scope to table header cells.

    Check PDF/UA
    Checking for PDF/UA becomes a no-brainer. The structured report shows a summarized result of all 89 machine-checkable failure conditions.

    Fix Unicode issues
    Unicode issues are no longer a show-stopper. Now you have full control of the mapping in an easy-to-use editor.

    Search in Logical Structure
    Browse the tag tree with quick navigation features: jump from one tag to the next with the same structure type or use the tag search.

    Select tags with ease
    Select any tag directly from the Document View. The tag is automatically highlighted in the Logical Structure View.

    Screenreader preview
    Simplified structure view for a quick visual evaluation. Check the logical order and the semantics to see what a screenreader would read.

    Detailed expert views
    Views for diagnosis and editing: Checker with report, Properties, Settings, Role Mapping, Destinations, Logical Structure.


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