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    Data loss scenarios vary from simple cases like accidentally deleting files to complex cases like formatted partitions or lost Mac volumes. CAT Data Recovery Software is built with a powerful data recovery algorithm for severe data loss scenarios. The tool can seamlessly recover hundreds of Gigabytes after data loss scenarios ranging from accidentally deleted or lost to the formatted or deleted partitions.

    Recover Files of almost Any File Format

    Depending on the usage, application or occupation, every computer user deals with various files types starting from documents, RAW photos, PSD files etc. During data loss disasters like a formatted Mac volume or a crashed Windows computer; CAT Data Recovery Tool can aid you in recovery of specific file types saving you the pain of scavenging through thousands of recovered files. Furnished with dedicated filters for MP3, JPG, DOC etc., you can also add new files types and update the database; this makes CAT recovery software a truly evolving tool for data recovery of almost any file type.

    Assured Data Recovery across various Storage Devices

    Data loss can happen anywhere and on any device. Having data recovery software which can support a wide variety of storage devices can put you at a great advantage. CAT Data Recovery Tool supports recovery of data from any storage devices that are supported by Mac and Windows computers. Deleted data from hard drive? Inaccessible SD card? Formatted SSD? CAT Recovery can even help you recover data from portable hard drives, SSD, SD cards and USB drives irrespective of the brand.

    Powerful Data Recovery Software for both Mac and Windows

    The complex data loss scenarios like corrupt partition or formatted hard drives makes data recovery chances look bleak for any ordinary recovery tool. However, for a tool that is built with an advanced scan engine backed by a smart scan feature, recovering data from complex data loss scenarios is not a hurdle. CAT Data Recovery Software truly provides you a powerful data recovery experience. The tool ensures that no sector on the storage device is left unscanned and recovers all the data safely.


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