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    Extract frames from videos

    , Turn them into HDR pictures and export them to your computer without effort by using this application. If shooting videos with your drone is one of your hobbies, you probably wanted to

    extract certain frames from the recorded clips

    and edit or just save them on your computer. However, doing so without specialized software can be a difficult task since the quality of your output files might be affected.


    can help you

    extract specific frames from your video recordings

    and turn them into HDR pictures without considerable effort.

    Hassle-free installation

    Setting up this application on your machine can be done easily since the only configuration steps that you are required to perform are defining the destination path and toggling shortcut creation on or off.
    After installing it, you can launch it by ticking the corresponding checkbox in the installer menu, which might prove to be efficient, especially if you are in a hurry.

    Smooth user interface

    HDRinstant packs a smooth, simple design that encompasses straightforward controls and organizes them in a neat manner, thus enabling you to access them without difficulty.
    Importing the desired content within the application can be done by either clicking the “Open a file” button on the main screen, dragging and dropping content over the window or using the dedicated function under the File menu.

    Process video and image content

    This application can help you extract frames from video recordings and turn them into HDR pictures without difficulty. You just need to open the desired file, navigate to the target frames, extract them and apply the desired effects by selecting them from the list or adjusting the dedicated sliders.

    Additionally, aside from processing videos, it is possible to edit image files from your computer, or image series, according to your preferences.

    Handy tool that can help you extract video frames and turn them into HDR pictures
    To wrap it up, HDRinstant is a reliable utility that you can use to extract frames from your video files and turn them into HDR pictures without effort. It comes with a smooth user interface, features straightforward controls and supports handling image files, as well.


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