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    Digital Juice - Ready2Go: Collection 12 (AE) .djprojects

    Release Name: Digital Juice Ready2Go: Collection 12 for After Effects
    Type: AE-Projects
    Release Date: Feb 20, 2012
    Publisher: Digital Juice
    File Format: .djprojects (.aep)
    File Size: 3.86Gb

    Ready2Go 12 for AE - Collection of stylish, professional custom projects for After Effects, suitable for any type of production. These templates allow you to create complex animations in accordance with the current trend. Stylish, spectacular projects will help you to raise their work to a new level of luxury. They can be used unchanged, or be configured for any type of product.

    A wide range of topics of these projects will inspire you, and your work will reach a new level of exciting creative and eye-catching style. This collection will give you the inspiration to create a set of ready-to-use, well-designed templates magnificent animation for all - from wedding videos, business presentations, promos and the show on the air, to advertising, news broadcasts, sports highlights and the preparation of DVD-ROM drive.

    Customized projects animated compositions have always enjoyed the highest demand. These projects are Ready2Go-customizable templates for After Effects, which give you a finished look with your own text and video. No matter what type of product you're working, you have the ideal template. Whether promotional, broadcasting, advertising, corporate videos, collages, menus, DVD, or abrupt transitions, you now have the ideal material to start with. Each collection Ready2Go packed with such a variety that will be an excellent starting point for almost any type of production.

    No matter what your level of skill in After Effects, Ready2Go you. Do you want to just replace video and text? Nothing could be simpler - drag the footage, edit the text and you're done! Want to change the color, texture or disable certain elements? No problem - you can do it too. Do you want to replace the elements of your own items, or add something of Motion Designer's Toolkit and use it? All this is possible as soon as your skills grow in After Effects

    Ready2Go 12 for AE - Projects with a stylish look that's always on-trend for every type of production. Collection of multipurpose AE projects and templates that delivers sophisticated animated imagery following the edge of current trends. These stylish, powerful projects can be easily put to work as-is or adapted for any type of production - helping you take your work to an elite new level.

    The wide range of looks means you have inspiration to draw from - and a ready-to-use set of well-designed template segments - for everything from wedding videos, business presentations and network show promos to broadcast television commercial spots, sports highlights reels and training material.

    These ready2go projects are supremely customizable templates for After Effects. They give you a finished look with the addition of just your own text and video - and they are still even more customizable if you need them to be. No matter what your level of skill in After Effects, ready2go scales with you - as you can see in the DJTV tutorials available for all skill levels here on our site. If you just want to replace video and text - drag, drop, and edit text till you're done. Want to change colors and backgrounds, turn off a few elements or add a logo? No problem. Want to extend the length of the project or mix up the order of the animated segments in it? All of this is easier than ever with the extendable edit-friendly segments and matching customizable Swipes provided with the project templates in this collection

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    Benefits:- More than 80 different projects  including alternate color looksalternate camera motions and additional  animated contentThe variety you need to handle any type of production  that comes alongEdit-friendly segments allow you to customize the  length of your productionMatching sets of text and video segments  provided with each project make the task of customizing the projects  even easier than beforeYou can build your own version of the project  by placing a series of text and video template segments on your timeline  to create your desired length and sequenceEach segment is also  extendable up to 15 seconds and the provided matching Swipes elements  help you transition between segments smoothlyComplete  customization. Use the projects as is or take them apart and add your  own look and feelWhether you want to turn off a layeradd segments or  increase the timing it's in your complete control- HD & SD  projects. Whether you work with Full HD, 720P, PAL, or NTSC you don't  have to worry because we've included project files in 10 of the most  commonly used formats.- DJTV Training. Unlike projects from other  sources, you'll get ongoing in-depth training from DJTV tutorials  >>, showing you exactly how to use and customize these projects,  no matter what your skill level isComplete accessYou have  complete access to the project just as the animator designed itNothing  is hidden or impossible to get atLearn something new and improve your  skills by analyzing how the projects are set up before customizing them-  No third party plugins requiredTo make sure you wouldn't have any  compatibility issues, we only used effects and features that are already  built into After Effects CS4 and above 
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    Features:- 10 Coordinated Looks81 Fully customizable native Adobe After Effects projects12 Ready to use HD and SD Quicktime SwipesEach project compiled in 10 formats:    - 1920 x 1080 29.97 fps    1920 x 1080 25 fps    1920 x 1080 23.976 fps    1280 x 720 29.97 fps    1280 x 720 25 fps    1280 x 720 23.976 fps    720x480 29.97 fps (HD Video Zone Support)    - 720x480 29.97 fps (SD Video Zone Support)    - 720x576 25 fps (HD Video Zone Support)    - 720x576 25 fps (HD Video Zone Support)- Proxies included for faster RAM previewsWorks with Adobe After Effects CS4 aboveNo 3rd party plug-ins requiredCompatible with both Windows and MacRequires Juicer version 3.88b or above 
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    Start JuicerGo to the menu FileThen choose Install downloaded Contentspecify the file you want to installwith the expansion of .djprojectsSglashaemsya license put a check in the I Agree. If necessarywe introduce by analogy with the installation of other librariesany email and password, and set in the proposed program folder by default. Fresh People Juicer 3.89 Build 102 (English
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