SysTools SQL Password Recovery 5.0

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    SysTools SQL Password Recovery 5.0

    Tool to Remove & Reset SQL File Password to Open Password Protected Database
    Smart way to unlock SQL Server SA & User password with SQL Password Recovery Software. Download full version and reset SQL password of desired login account.

    Features :
    Reset both Individual User & SA passwords from SQL master.mdf file
    Installation of MS SQL Server is not mandatory to reset SA password
    Ability to recover login password of Offline Master MDF file
    SQL Server services should be stopped while loading master.mdf file
    Recover & Reset SQL password of any length or type without any fail
    Provide facility to set new password for User Login within a software
    Capable to recover Multilingual Password of MDF Files successfully
    SQL Server 2019 & Below versions are supported by software
    SQL Server SA Password Recovery can install on Windows OS