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    Chante' Bright is an architectural designer and instructor specializing in BIM design with Revit.

    Throughout her career, Chante' has worked for a variety of different design firms. She boasts experience in retail, residential, commercial, and institutional design. Chante' provides design assistance and technical drafting on many projects, but specializes in BIM design through Autodesk Revit and other graphic manipulation software. In addition to architectural design, Chante' is passionate about diversity and inclusion in both the education system and the workplace. She's always looking for more information on minority scholarships, internships, job postings, summer camps, or any other programs that can help anyone succeed. Course details;

    Want to include a piece of custom furniture in your Revit project? In this course, instructor Chante' Bright goes over tools and techniques for creating custom furniture pieces, all while exploring some of the more popular styles and pieces in the interior design field. Chante' demonstrates how to create a complex furniture unit in Revit, as well as how to build small detail items such as ornamental pieces. Plus, get tips for making custom materials, creating custom entourage pieces to finish up any interior space you may have for your project, and more.

    link with all files of work;

    Size: 368 MB

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