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    Google Drive Player Script (Dashboard, Admin Login, Multi Backup & Subtitle Manager) Nulled Working 2020-05-25

    Fully Encrypted Output Link Streaming.


    New Google Drive Player, have Multi Backup helps you to stream video files stored on Google Drive in a fully customizable way, you will have full control over the player.

    The HD option is Fake!, if you find the HD Options in this player that are just fake HD Options, thanks.

    1. When the first google drive url get an error or limit, it will immediately load the the second drive url
    2. When the second drive url get error then it will instantly load the third google drive url
    3. When the third google drive url get an error then it will load fourth google drive url
    4. When the fourth google drive url get an error then it will load fifth google drive url
    5. When the fifth google drive url get an error then it will load Sweet Alert Notificaton function!
    6. If 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 get an error the visitor still able to watch the movie by clicking button options on your player.
    7. support vast
    8. stream movies from both Google Drive And Google Photos
    You must use different drive url for every mirror or alternate server. Don't use single url for generate in all the mirror server.

    Google Drive Player With Multi Backup Function
    Ancok Google Drive Player Multi Backup Function with Subtitles Manager Integrated
    Login: admin
    Password: admin123

    Important! Change your PHP version to PHP 7.0
    1. Upload gdrive-multi.zip file to your hosting then extract it
    2. run in browser https://yourdomain.com/
    3. default pass: demo123 and user: demo
    4. upload subtitles urls to folder /suburls then use your domain/suburls/movieyouuwant
    Ive put a test subtitle url in the folder you can test then delete
    No Database Used


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