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    Advanced PC Cleanup

    Cleaning your PC has become easier with Advanced PC Cleanup. Get rid of redundant apps and files from your computer in a few clicks. Safeguards your computer from potential malware threats and removes the personal information saved online. Disable startup items and uninstall unwanted apps to enhance PC speed.

    Advanced PC Cleanup main functions:
    Advanced PC Cleanup shows the current state of your Windows PC in one scan. This includes all junk & temporary files along with the areas needed to be taken care of. It shows storage space you can free up. Scan for malware and saved information to secure your identity and system at the same time.

    1.Scan PC for all clutter
    Scan will show how much storage space can be recovered from deleting all the unused files & old downloads. Clear up the personal information saved on the web browser.

    2.One-click solution
    Fix all issues such as PC cleanup and boost performance in one click. Remove malware, adware to save system from any potential threats to data.

    Amazing Features

    PC Cleaner
    Deletes temporary files and clears trash from Recycle Bin on your PC.

    System Manager
    Manage the list of startup programs and improve the speed of your PC.

    PC Security
    Make sure your computer is safe from online threats & malware attacks.

    System Optimizer
    Clean up all the junk from your computer to improve the performance.

    أصبح تنظيف الكمبيوتر الخاص بك أسهل مع Advanced PC Cleanup. تخلص من التطبيقات والملفات الزائدة من جهاز الكمبيوتر الخاص بك ببضع نقرات. حماية الكمبيوتر من تهديدات البرامج الضارة المحتملة وإزالة المعلومات الشخصية المحفوظة على الإنترنت. قم بتعطيل عناصر بدء التشغيل وإلغاء تثبيت التطبيقات غير المرغوب فيها لتحسين سرعة الكمبيوتر.

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