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    CFTurbo v2020 R2.3.52 Win64 [2021, ENG + Deu]

    CFTurbo is powerful, yet easy to use, pump design software that can help you design pumps from scratch or redesign existing impellers. Simply tell it the flow rate, head, RPM, and any (optional) pre-swirl and CFTurbo will automatically generate a pump design. You then have the option of going back and changing any details of the design with CFTurbo's guidance. This easy, but flexible, approach to pump design saves you time and still lets you get exactly the pump design you want.

    3D CAD model
    Dynamic 3D-representation (rotate, move, zoom)
    Highly configurable partial views

    Export of CAD model
    Import of existing geometry for comparison

    Parametric geometry model
    Properties of all design steps available as parameters
    Parametrics can be exported
    Optionally, range limits can be specified for parameter variations
    Eeasy integration into optimization workflows or DoE inverstigations

    Reverse Engineering
    Redesign of existing geometry as starting point for optimization
    Import of existing meridional curves with automated conversion to Bezier splines
    Blade design based on given blade angles on leading and trailing edge or import existing meanline curves
    Input or import of blade thickness distribution (blade profiles)
    Comparison of imported IGES/ STEP data with the redesigned 3D model

    Meridional preview of project components
    Quick access to design steps
    Handling interfaces between components
    Select active component
    Show progressions for area, velocity, flow angle

    Project management
    Management of project information
    Design report with the option of restoring previous design status
    Display of warnings regarding specific parameters
    Display of key design details

    Data export
    Export of points, curves, surfaces, solids
    Neutral interfaces (STEP, IGES, STL, DXF)
    Interfaces to important CAD and CFD systems
    Implementation of special interfaces on customer request

    Performance prediction
    Display of performance curves for different rotational speed and impeller diameters
    Calculation of fundamental impeller losses based on empirical correlations

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