Nicestsolution Safety Barrier Manager v3.2.1604

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    Nicestsolution Safety Barrier Manager v3.2.1604

    SafetyBarrierManager is a software tool that helps to analyse risk using safety-barrier diagrams. Safety-barrier diagrams show how safety barriers prevent accidents and how they improve safety in a clear and transparent way. Risk analysis using SafetyBarrierManager will become easier, better and understandable, also for non-experts.

    Nicestsolution Safety Barrier Manager v3.2.1604

    SafetyBarrierManager allows you to:

    Describe accident scenarios in the form of safety-barrier diagrams.
    Perform qualitative and quantitative assessments of accident scenarios.
    Manage the documentation of foreseeable hazards, safety barriers and risk reducing measures.
    Extract tables with barriers, consequences, mitigating actions and more.
    Include links to other resources, such as on-line drawings or procedures.
    Publish safety-barrier diagrams an all other documentation and results directly on the web.

    SafetyBarrierManager is the graphical implementation of Layer-Of-Protection-Analysis (LOPA). It is a tool with integrated fault-tree and event-tree assessment. It calculates the expected frequencies of the accident scenarios. It gives direct input to quantified risk analysis. Safety-barrier diagrams are very similar to bow-tie diagrams, but more versatile.


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