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    Triacies Face Cropper

    Triacies Face Cropper is an intelligent software that automatically crops faces from images for ID cards and social media etc.

    Triacies Face Cropper

    The software is packed with powerfull features. Check them out

    Smart Face Detection
    TFC uses Intelligent AI to detect faces in Images

    Bulk Cropping
    You can select a whole folder of images and

    Super Fast
    TFC is the fastest face cropping software available

    ID Card Read Images
    TFC has ID card Preset for cropping images that are perfect for ID cards

    Square Images
    TFC can also crop images in square ratio fit for social media and other uses

    Oval shaped
    You can create and oval shape around the cropped image for use in circles

    Automatic Padding
    If the image is not enough to fit in the cropped image TFC will automatically add a padding to the Image

    Drag and Drop
    You can simple drag a file or a folder onto the software for cropping.

    Triacies Face Cropper هو برنامج ذكي يقوم تلقائيًا بقص الوجوه من الصور لبطاقات الهوية ووسائل التواصل الاجتماعي وما إلى ذلك.