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    Puredev MemPro x64

    MemPro is a C++ memory profiler. MemPro runs on Windows platforms, but can connect to and profile applications on almost any platform. MemPro particularly stands out from other C++ memory profilers for its ability to handle very large data sets.

    Getting Started
    Integrate MemPro into your codebase in minutes - simply add MemPro.cpp/h into your code and you will be able to connect to your application with MemPro. Once connected MemPro allows you to visualise your memory usage in a number of different ways.

    MemPro can handle massive data sets. Profiles of trillions of allocations are not uncommon. MemPro is also perfect for profiling real-time applications such as games because of its minimal overhead. Because all of the processing is offline, MemPro can track thousands of allocations per second without noticeable slowdown.

    Puredev MemPro x64

    Full memory breakdown of your application
    Multiple views of the data
    Easily find and fix memory leaks
    Subtract one snapshot from another
    Rewind memory
    Virtual memory layout visualisation
    Visualise memory fragmentation
    Profile applications of any size quickly and efficiently

    MemPro هو محلل ذاكرة C ++. يعمل MemPro على أنظمة تشغيل Windows ، ولكن يمكنه الاتصال والتطبيقات الشخصية على أي نظام أساسي تقريبًا. تبرز MemPro بشكل خاص عن غيرها من ملفات تعريف ذاكرة C ++ لقدرتها على التعامل مع مجموعات بيانات كبيرة جدًا.

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