لمقارنة الاختلافات بين النصوص والصور والملفات Diffchecker 3.6.0

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    Diffchecker 3.6.0

    Compare differences on the spot. Bring a powerful text, image and file comparision app to your desktop. Available for Windows, macOS. Compare text files, documents, PDFs. Compare photos, graphics, scans.

    Diffchecker 3.6.0

    Advanced features:
    Take advantage of all Diffchecker features such as unified diff view, character-level diffs and more

    - Unified diffs
    - Character-level diffs
    - Export to PDF
    - File import
    - No ads

    The best in security
    Keep your files confidential and private – with Diffchecker Desktop they never leave your computer

    How it works?
    Since Diffchecker Desktop runs fully on your computer, it doesn’t have to communicate with our servers to create your diffs. What this means is that there’s no way anybody else but you can view your sensitive data.

    Offline mode & better performance
    - Diffchecker Desktop runs offline which means you can use it wherever you are and save on your data plan.
    - As everything happens locally on your own computer, you also get significantly improved app speed.

    قارن الاختلافات على الفور. أحضر تطبيقًا قويًا لمقارنة النصوص والصور والملفات إلى سطح المكتب. قارن الملفات النصية والمستندات وملفات PDF. قارن الصور والرسومات والمسح.