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    Color Pilot 5.4.0

    To do color correction, just tell the program which color you want to change and where! We know that the road pavement should look gray. We shall tell Color Pilot that this is a gray color in the image.

    Color Pilot

    How to use it with more detials

    لإجراء تصحيح الألوان ، ما عليك سوى إخبار البرنامج باللون الذي تريد تغييره وأين! نحن نعلم أن رصف الطريق يجب أن يبدو رمادي. سنخبر Color Pilot أن هذا لون رمادي في الصورة.

    File size: 19.5 MB



    Color Pilot - color correction for digital photo

    الصور ابلغ وصف لعمل البرنامج و هو خاص بالصور و تصحيح الالوان و تحسينها .
    To do photo enhancement* just tell the program which color you want to have in your picture:

    We know that asphalt is grey. We shall tell Color Pilot that this is a grey color in the image:

    We took only 3 steps to correct the photo:

    Your first step

    After you install the program* just click menu Examples and choose an example to play:

    Color Pilot will show it to you step by step.
    You can download and print out Color Pilot Examples guide that helps you to exercise

    لتحميل بعض الاضافات توجة للرابط

    Here you can download additional collections of colors:

    Name Colors Size* Kb Loads* Example Grass 12 79 4707 Hair 9 61 3200 Leafs 15 102 3571 Nature 12 82 2910 Skin 9 57 3375 Sky 36 237 3160 Water 42 285 2998 Clouds 15 102 3063
    ( *Loads - number of downloads )


      Color Pilot 5.4.0