Architectural Interior Visualization in 3Ds max & V-Ray 3.0

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    [Udemy] Architectural Interior Visualization in 3Ds max & V-Ray 3.0 [RUS]

    Author: Ashkan Moezzi
    Duration: 7h 20min
    Handout type: Video tutorial
    Russian language

    We will begin this course by modeling a building in ArchiCAD based on an imported drawing from AutoCAD. We will discuss various aspects of modeling in ArchiCAD such as adding walls, windows, doors, creating

    stairs and more. Although this step will be done entirely in ArchiCAD, the process is almost identical to working in Autodesk Revit. After that we will import the model into 3ds max and add some elements.

    Next, we use 3Ds max to model most of the furniture, including models that will be used later in Marvelous Designer. In the process, spline, high-poly and surface modeling techniques will be applied.

    The rest of the furniture will be created in Marvelous Designer, we will talk about import and export, simulation techniques, optimization in MeshLab.

    Next, we will continue in 3Ds max and create shaders for the objects by combining V-ray material, V-ray Blend material, V-ray 2-sided material, V-ray displacement and some other materials.


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