Borland C++ Builder 6 Enterprise Edition 2 CD

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    Borland C++ Builder 6 Enterprise Edition 2 CD

    Borland C++ Builder 6 Enterprise Edition 2 CD

    C++Builder Enterprise combines the most powerful C++ Windows development environment
    for building desktop and database applications with native Internet components for building
    high-throughput Web applications. C++Builder increases productivity and manages the entire
    development cycle with over 150 reusable components, the XML-based Project Manager and a true
    ANSI/ISO C++ high-speed 32-bit optimizing compiler to deliver reliable applications to market
    faster. C++Builder includes a professional IDE, WebBroker, Native Internet Components,
    InterBase Express, and robust debugging tools. Use the CodeGuard run-time error detection tool
    to easily locate and diagnose memory and resource leaks on the spot. Understand and navigate
    your code and data modules with the Project Browser, Code Explorer, and Data Module Designer
    views. Visually build components for your business with Frames. Build and reuse COM objects
    and servers, including a complete suite of MS Office automation controllers.

    Includes keygen for activation code generation for 1000 days.

    If you start the Builder the following window appears:

    PHP Code:

    If you start the Builder the following window appears:
    you need to find the file bcb
    .dro and simply rename it (I usually changes his extension, for example "bcb.dro_")
    Second option is to run the program as an administrator (in the  shortcut properties Builder tab "Compatibility" check the box "Run this  program as administrator")
    3-rd  option to get rid of the bugs need to go to the folder C: \ Program  Files Borland (or C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Borland), right-click  Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Owner -> Edit - >  At the current user -> Permissions -> Edit Permissions -> Add  -> Current User -> Allow All (Force a check Replace all child  object permissions to inheritable permissions from this object -> OK  -> OK -> OK 

    PHP Code:
    1Mount image CD1 to the program "DAEMON Tools" or similar.
    2Run the installation of "C ++ Builder" we are asked to enter the serial number and authorization key.
    3Run the key generator (file "Borland C ++ Builder 6.0 keygenerator.exe"). Press the button "Generate" Generate a serial number and authorization key (the generator does not close!).
    4)  Continue to install ... At the request of the installer unmount the  image of CD1, and install CD2 (or specify the drive with CD2). After installationthe computer does not restart!
    5Run the installed programselect the activation on the phone get the registration codeCopy the registration code generator (to be filled in all the fields) - get an activation keyInsert the activation key into the program and activate it.
    6Using the Developer and thank you and the dealer

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