Phoenix File Rescue 1.31

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    Phoenix File Rescue 1.31

    Need some emergency assistance to recover your lost files? Don't panic! Situations where valuable information is erased from a storage device happen all the time. In 99% of cases, the lost data can be restored painlessly. Now, you can do it yourself in just a few minutes' time. You do not need to turn to a specialist anymore — Phoenix File Rescue, the powerful and easy-to-use file recovery program, is here to help. This software can restore deleted files in all popular formats, on a variety of devices and storage media: hard disks, SD cards, USB drives, digital cameras, mobile phones, and tablets. Recover your data in just three simple steps!

    Phoenix File Rescue 1.31

    Phoenix File Rescue is a perfect choice if:
    • your data storage device isn't physically damaged
    • your computer recognizes the device
    • you lost your data due to a system error, accidental deletion, or formatting
    • you're running a Windows operating system
    Using the latest algorithms, the program can scan any Windows disk or external storage device and instantly restore files of almost any type without damaging your other data. Phoenix File Rescue successfully brings your electronic documents, photos, videos, music, archives, and even e-mails back from the dead. Two file recovery methods cover virtually all data loss situations, such as hard disk damage, accidental deletion, disk formatting, hardware malfunctions, malware infections, system errors, etc.

    Phoenix File Rescue requires no special knowledge or complicated, manual setup to use. Beginners and advanced users alike can effectively restore damaged and deleted files. All you need to do is follow clear prompts in the program. You can save time searching for files if you know their formats and their approximate sizes.

    Looking for powerful file recovery software?
    • You'll love the intuitive, easy-to-use interface, specially designed to be comfortable to work in.
    • Convenient search filters for file type and size help you save time and find just the files you need.
    • Thanks to the image preview feature, you can make sure the program has found the photo you're looking for.
    • See the probability of recovering your deleted files before even starting the recovery process.
    • Restore deleted files while preserving the original filenames.
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

    هل تحتاج إلى بعض المساعدة الطارئة لاستعادة الملفات المفقودة؟ لا داعي للذعر! تحدث المواقف التي يتم فيها محو المعلومات القيمة من جهاز التخزين طوال الوقت. في 99٪ من الحالات ، يمكن استعادة البيانات المفقودة بدون ألم. الآن ، يمكنك القيام بذلك بنفسك في غضون دقائق قليلة. لا تحتاج إلى اللجوء إلى متخصص بعد الآن - برنامج Phoenix File Rescue ، برنامج استعادة الملفات القوي وسهل الاستخدام ، موجود هنا للمساعدة. يمكن لهذا البرنامج استعادة الملفات المحذوفة بجميع التنسيقات الشائعة ، على مجموعة متنوعة من الأجهزة ووسائط التخزين: الأقراص الثابتة ، وبطاقات SD ، ومحركات أقراص USB ، والكاميرات الرقمية ، والهواتف المحمولة ، والأجهزة اللوحية. استرجع بياناتك في ثلاث خطوات بسيطة فقط!

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