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    Recover deleted files in a few easy steps! Magic Uneraser is the most user-friendly and easy-to-use data recovery tool. The program recovers any type of files. The product supports all types of media, including hard drives, SSD drives, flash drives and memory cards.
    Simple and reliable file recovery
    The product recovers all deleted files and folders almost instantly. Supporting recovery of all types of files, including Office documents, digital photos, MP3 and ZIP archives, this program will recover all your data quickly and reliably. Whether you've emptied the trash or deleted an important document without her participation, formatted a memory card or "lost" your files on an already inaccessible hard drive, Magic Uneraser will help you in any situation.

    Magic Uneraser made it easy!
    Getting back deleted data is really easy with the new file recovery software! Just launch the recovery wizard and the application will start scanning your drive to find lost and deleted files. After the scan is complete, you can browse the contents of the disk using a handy tool similar to Windows Explorer. The interface is made in the style of Windows Explorer - no need to learn new features and principles of the program to find and recover deleted files!

    Previewing deleted files
    Magic Uneraser comes with support for image preview function. Preview will allow you to open and view deleted files, documents, photos, music, movies, archives even before the recovery procedure, just as if they were ordinary files written to the hard drive. The preview function saves time and effort: using it, you restore only those files that can be returned and will be suitable for further use.

    Recovery Algorithms
    File recovery software includes various advanced algorithms to enable Magic Uneraser to recover deleted files and folders that other file recovery products cannot even see.

    The tool scans the entire hard drive thoroughly or reads the entire data from the memory card. Then it compares the received information with a database of all known file formats. This data recovery algorithm allows you to find absolutely all deleted files of any format, even if no records about them are left in the file system.

    Using advanced file recovery algorithms, Magic Uneraser can successfully recover files and folders from deleted partitions, from repartitioned and formatted disks. Even if the drive is completely inaccessible and has suffered due to software or hardware failure, quality file recovery software can still access the drive, detect and recover files from its surface.

    Software for all Windows versions
    Magic Uneraser supports all versions of Windows, including Windows Vista, Windows 10 and Windows 2008 Server, as well as all older versions of Windows. The program works with all versions of NTFS, ReFS, FAT, exFAT, APFS, HFS +, Ext2 / 3/4, XFS, ReiserFS and UFS 1/2 file systems.

    Recovers files from any media
    Recovery software can recover deleted files from all kinds of stationary and portable media, internal and external storage devices, memory cards, USB drives, as well as MP3 players and digital cameras connected to a PC via a USB cable.



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