Mini Farming: What You Need to Know to Start Your Own Small Farm and a Guide to Backyard

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    Mini Farming: What You Need to Know to Start Your Own Small Farm and a Guide to Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners

    If you're looking for a way to become self-sufficient in terms of your food supply, then keep reading…

    Two manuscripts in one book:

    Mini Farming for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Remaking Your Backyard into a Mini Farm and Creating a Self-Sustaining Organic Garden
    Backyard Beekeeping: What You Need to Know About Raising Bees and Creating a Profitable Honey Business

    Establishing a mini-farm in your backyard is an immensely beneficial and lucrative initiative.

    It will help you to become self-sufficient in terms of your food supply and also allow you to live a much more sustainable life.

    Regardless of how large or small your yard is, you can build a farm on it.

    The important thing is to plan well and efficiently execute your farm plans.

    In part 1 of this book, you will learn:

    How to get started with backyard farming
    The basics of growing an organic garden in your own yard
    Creating a layout and designing structures for the farm
    Everything you need to know about how to raise bees, livestock, and chickens
    How to protect your garden from pests and diseases
    How to extend the growing season for your plants
    How to harvest and preserve your produce
    Tips and tricks on how to maintain your farm throughout the different seasons

    In addition to the mini-farm, you can raise bees and create a profitable honey business!

    In part 2 of this book, you’re going to learn:

    The 10 start-up guidelines
    How to confidently identify the different breeds of honey bees
    How to successfully put together your very own hive
    17 supplies every beekeeper must have
    How to create the most beautiful bee-friendly garden
    The best ways to tackle pests and diseases that most amateurs ignore
    The best plants to give your bees all the sweet nectar they need to thrive and more
    The role every bee plays in providing the best honey—and how to keep them producing honey for years to come
    An unbelievably easy way to understand bee behavior so you can give the buzzers what they need
    The proper way to harvest your honey and beeswax, so there’s no waste, and it’s all high-quality product
    How to market your epic, delicious honey, and get back your investment
    Where to find hot buyers that are ready and eager to buy your product

    Now is your chance to learn how to grow an organic mini farm and raise bees right in your own backyard.

    If you would like to acquire all this useful information to help you start your backyard farm, then scroll up and click the “add to cart” button.

    English | 2020 | ISBN-13: 979-8675705351 | 191 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3, MOBI| 5.41 MB

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