Black & Decker Readymade Home Furniture:Easy Building Projects Made from Off-the-Shelf Items

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    You might not think it, but home stores carry all the furniture you'd find in a show room; it's just not assembled yet. Black & Decker Readymade Home Furniture shows you how.

    You can find just about any furnishing imaginable in the aisles of the home goods store—coffee tables, wine racks, chandeliers—with just a little assembly (and creativity) required. In Black & Decker Readymade Home Furniture, you will learn how to re-imagine the big-box building center as a source for stylish, customized home furnishings that are inexpensive and easy to make yourself.

    Metal connectors, pipes and ductwork, rope, sheet goods, glass, and all varieties of hardware are just a few of the ingredients you can shop for to turn yourself into a furniture maker—without the need to buy a lot of woodworking tools and learn complicated joinery.

    Inside this book, you will find a wealth of insightful information on how to convert everyday building materials into fine furnishings, along with 24 projects, complete with instructions to get you started. Unique and custom styles and colors, durability (select the quality materials you want), low cost, and a sense of satisfaction are just a few of the benefits you will experience by doing your furniture shopping at your home center or hardware store.

    A few of the demonstration projects included in Black & Decker Readymade Home Furniture are:

    Shoe rack from concrete forming tubes
    Copper pipe tubing pot rack
    Nuts-and-bolt candle holder
    Door desk made with axe handle legs
    Modern media center from angle iron and melamine board
    Door handle coat rack
    Ductwork coffee table
    Bagged concrete planters
    Faux rock and pump waterfall

    Grab your tools, because it's time to get creative! One trip to the home center will save you a dozen to the furniture showroom; not to mention time, money, and having to deal with salesmen.

    English | December 25, 2018 | ISBN-13 : 978-0760361627 | 147 Pages | True PDF | 68.55 MB

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