iSeePassword Dr.Word 5.8.5

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    iSeePassword Dr.Word 5.8.5

    Dr. Word is a powerful password cracking assistant which allows you to quickly and safely remove all types of password created by MS word without touching internal database. Guarantee up to 87% success rate in recovering your Word's original password.

    iSeePassword Dr.Word 5.8.5

    Under what circumstances You Need A Word Password Recovery?

    Can't Open Word ?
    Your MS word document was encrypted with a open password and you forgot it. There is no way to open your word unless type the correct password.

    Can't Edit Word?
    You can’t edit your text in the word because your word was protected with a editing restrictions.

    Can't Copy Word?
    You’re not allowed to copy, change, delete, add or annotate your word because of the editing restrictions.

    Can't Modify Word?
    If your word document was protected with a read-only password then you can’t modify anything except preview.

    برنامج Dr. Word هو مساعد قوي لتكسير كلمات المرور يسمح لك بإزالة جميع أنواع كلمات المرور التي أنشأتها MS word بسرعة وأمان دون لمس قاعدة البيانات الداخلية. اضمن نسبة نجاح تصل إلى 87٪ في استعادة كلمة المرور الأصلية الخاصة بك.



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