Appsforlife Origami 3.2.1

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    Appsforlife Origami 3.2.1

    Origami 3 Dieline making software with Adobe Illustrator integration. Make dielines, check them for errors, convert dielines to 3D models. Origami helps you make and verify dielines and fold them up into 3D objects that you can export or render. It is great for proofs and dielines verification and usually pays for itself in less than a month, according to our customers.

    Origami Features:

    No dependencies added — Origami uses layers and paths names and styles to configure dielines, so the Illustrator projects don't depend on Origami once finished;
    Paper thickness — built-in paper type editor lets you specify paper thickness and other parameters;
    Artwork on both sides — artwork can be specified for both front and back sides of paper;
    Foil — add extra reflective layer by using a special spot color filling;
    3D Export — Origami exports to OBJ, Collada and 3D PDF formats. These then can be loaded to Boxshot or Koru for further processing;
    Rendering — Origami renders scenes itself, but can also use Boxshot for rendering.





    Appsforlife Origami 3.2.1