HSK Weldassistant SMART Edition 8.2.10

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    HSK Weldassistant SMART Edition 8.2.10

    Generate, print and use a WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) in no time at all. Perform the associated welding cost calculation and welding cost optimisation. The result can be actioned in the daily routine immediately. Whether it's in the workshop, office or on building sites - weldassistant® can be used without any additional resources. You have a constant overview of you welders' qualifications and are able to initiate any necessary measures immediately.

    HSK Weldassistant SMART Edition

    Generate welding procedure specifications (WPS) including WPS Template
    The comprehensive database and process dependant entry system means you arrive at the welding procedure specification (WPS) quickly and easily.

    Managing Welding Procedure Qualification Records (WPQR / PQR)
    Quickly find the needed WPQR (PQR) Welding Procedure Qualification Record and keep track of the status.

    Welder qualification and Welder certification management (e.g. EN 287-1; EN ISO 9606)
    Keep a constant eye on your welder qualification and welders certification. The current status of a welder's certification can be seen at a glance on the "traffic light" symbol.

    Welding cost calculation
    Keep welding costs under control and calculate to meet market requirements.
    Compare any calculations with a view to optimizing your weld cost.

    Plug-in concept
    Following manufacturer plug-ins provide you with welding process data sheets or product information.
    ESAB Welding and Cutting (OK-Handbook)
    Safra (Aluminium + Copper filler metal)
    Linde Gas
    Air Liquide
    Wolfram Industrie

    Don't type - just click
    fast, straightforward, compact and any amount of data
    polish off simple tasks
    the fast track to welding solutions, welding procedure and more
    the WPS program which generates resources

    Use the weldassistant software because…
    your work, as supervisor or the person accountable, has to be fast and efficient
    you place emphasis on proven, practical solutions
    you want to concentrate more on the core assignments of your work
    you want to gain more time for actual project work by deploying welding procedure software
    you want to fulfill the quality requirements of the EN ISO 3834, EN 1090,EN 15614 etc.

    All PRO Editions include:
    All BASIC features
    Welder qualification administration
    Operator qualification administration
    Welder Certificates preparation (e.g. EN 287-1; ISO 9606)
    Operator Certificates preparation (e.g. EN1418; ISO 14732)
    Weld cost calculation

    Weldassistant PRO
    All PRO features
    ISO - WPS
    ASME - WPS

    All Editions | File size: 256 MB

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        Why i can't download from your link
        Yes, you can

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                HSK Weldassistant SMART Edition Multilingual

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