Land use Land cover classification GIS, ERDAS, ArcGIS, ENVI - 3.15GB

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    Land use Land cover classification GIS, ERDAS, ArcGIS, ENVI

    What you'll learn

    Able to do a Prefect Land use classification of Earth using satellite image
    Also learn image Processing and analysis in depth
    Landuse change Detection
    Understand Features identification on Earth using Landsat Image
    Post Landuse Pixel level corrections
    Accuracy Assessment Report
    Downloading of best satellite image and process
    Understanding FCC satellite image and bands
    Pixel level correction in land use at specific area and statistical filters
    Calculate area from Pixels
    Generate new class after final landuse
    Learn all best method of classification.
    How to achieve maximum accuracy of classification
    Cut Study Area
    Classify with Machine Learning
    Support Vector Machine
    Random Forest

    Land use Land cover classification GIS, ERDAS, ArcGIS, ENVI


    You must have ArcGIS and ERDAS or ENVI
    You must have basic knowledge of GIS


    This is the first landuse landcover course on Udemy the most demanding topic in GIS, In this course, I covered from data download to final results. I used ERDAS, ArcGIS, ENVI and MACHINE LEARNING. I explained all the possible methods of land use classification. More then landuse, Pre-Procession of images are covered after download and after classification, how to correct error pixels are also covered, So after learning here you no need to ask anyone about lanudse classification. I explained the theoretical concept also during the processing of data. I have covered supervised, unsupervised, combined method, pixel correction methods etc. I have also shown to correct area-specific pixels to achieve maximum accuracy. Most of this course is focused on Erdas and ArcGIS for image classification and calculations. For in-depth of all methods enrol in this course. Image classification with Machine learning also covered in this course.

    This course also includes an accuracy assessment report generation in erdas.

    Note: Each Land Use method Section covers different Method from the beginning, So before starting landuse watch the entire course. Then start land use with a method that you think easy for you and best fit for your study area., then you will be able to it best. Different method is applicable to a different type of study area. This course is applicable to Erdas Version 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018. and ArcGIS Version 10.1 and above, i.e 10.4, 10.7 or 10.8

    90% practical 10% theory

    Problem faced During classification:

    Some of us faced problem during classification as:

    Urban area and barren land has the same signature

    Dry river reflect the same signature as an urban area and barren land

    if you try to correct urban and get an error in barren

    In Hilly area you cannot classify forest which is in the hill shade area.

    Add new class after final work

    How to get rid of this all problems Join this course.

    Who this course is for:

    Civil Engineers
    Water Resource Experts
    Master Student of GIS
    PhD Students of Satellite Data Analysis
    Research Scholars
    GIS Analyst
    Environment and Earth Science Persons
    Urban and city Planner

    h264, yuv420p, 1280x720 |ENGLISH, 44100 Hz, 2channels | 6h 23mn | 3.15 GB



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