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    DLUBAL Plate Buckling v8.29.01 x64 Multilingual

    The RF-/PLATE-BUCKLING is available as an add‑on module for RFEM/RSTAB or as a separate stand‑alone program. It performs plate buckling analysis of rectangular plates according to the following standards: EN 1993‑1‑5:2006 DIN 18800‑3:1990‑11.

    It is possible to apply horizontal or vertical stiffeners to the plates (for example flat plates, angles, T‑stiffeners, trapezoidal stiffeners, channel sections). Loading on the plate boundaries can be applied in several ways and can be imported from the main program RFEM/RSTAB. The plate buckling design in RF‑/PLATE‑BUCKLING is always performed on the total buckling panel as the potential stiffeners are considered in the 3D FE model. Thus, designs of single (c/t) parts or buckling panel sections are omitted.

    For design according to Eurocode 3, the following National Annexes (NA) are available:
    Belgium NBN EN 1993-1-5/NA:2011-03 (Belgium)
    Cyprus CYS EN 1993-1-5/NA:2009-03 (Cyprus)
    CSN EN 1993-1-5/NA:2008-07 (Czech Republic)
    SFS EN 1993-1-5/NA:2006 (Finland)
    DIN EN 1993-1-5/NA:2010-12 (Germany)
    UNI EN 1993-1-5/NA:2011-02 (Italy)
    NEN EN 1993-1-5/NA:2011-04 (Netherlands)
    NS EN 1993-1-5/NA:2009-06 (Norway)
    In addition to the National Annexes listed above, you can also define a specific NA, applying user-defined limit values and parameters.
    Import of all relevant internal forces from RFEM/RSTAB by selecting numbers of members and buckling panels with determination of governing boundary stresses
    Summary of stresses in load cases with determination of governing load
    Separate materials for stiffener and plate
    Import of stiffeners from an extensive library (flat plate and bulb flat steel, angle, T-section, channel, and trapezoidal sheeting)
    Determination of effective widths according to EN 1993-1-5 (Table 4.1 or 4.2) or DIN 18800, Part 3, Eq. (4)
    Optional calculation of critical local buckling stresses by analytical formulas of annexes A.1, A.2, A.3 of EC 3 or by means of FEA calculation
    Designs (stress, deformation, torsional buckling) of longitudinal and transverse stiffeners
    Optional consideration of buckling effects according to DIN 18800, Part 3, Eq. (13)
    Photo-realistic representation (3D rendering) of buckling panel including stiffeners, stress conditions, and buckling modes with animation
    Documentation of all input data and results in a verifiable printout report



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