Isograph Hazop+ 7.0

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    Isograph Hazop+ 7.0

    Hazop + is a professional software to accelerate the HAZOP analysis process. Hazop is actually a systematic way of identifying those risks and potential hazards that will cause some of the equipment, systems, environments and personnel to fail. In this way, by identifying and holding the brainstorming systematically, the risks and their potential effects are identified. Predicting these risks will lead to solutions that minimize these risks.

    What the Hazop + software does is provide a graphical and visual environment for gathering information and performing various operations in the process of studying these hazards. The environment is fully customizable to the needs of users. Customization of this program can be understood here as various industries such as defense, aerospace, oil and gas industry, automotive, chemical processes and nuclear power plants have been able to customize this software according to their needs and desired results. To collect themselves.

    Isograph Hazop+ 7.0

    Visual and graphical environment for risk analysis
    Ability to customize the program according to the needs
    Applicable to various industries from automotive to aerospace and nuclear power plants
    Providing reports and information tables based on the analysis performed
    Manually edit each section of reports
    Ability to control the appearance and format of reports output (font size, layout and color, alignment and other features)
    Display information entered in the application as information nodes
    Ability to define infinite field of information and to communicate between them
    Ability to send print output, pdf files, html pages and RTF documents, etc.


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